Basic gun and weapon rules

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Basic gun and weapon rules Empty Basic gun and weapon rules

Post  Alex Lee on Tue Mar 13, 2012 5:54 pm

Most of these are common sense but if you don't say, people do it.

1.) No high tech/Very expensive guns as first weapon. Stick it simpler and more common and then later buy better weapons. (Good first guns are Shotguns, pistols and single shot snipers.)

2.) There is no real restriction on any first weapons as long as its a blade or blunt weapon. No light saber though!!! (Good EX: Broad sword, pocket knife, and baseball bat.)

3.) You may only bring 2 weapons to every fight per person because to be realistic, no man is running around with 3 shotguns on his back.

Don't worry if you have a bad weapon because we only use money and the store for entertainment uses only. Every (RPG) post you get money so it's easy to get new weapons.
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