Survivor Types and Bonuses.

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Survivor Types and Bonuses. Empty Survivor Types and Bonuses.

Post  Gaza on Sat Mar 17, 2012 10:45 am

Are you considering joining us on our new Rpg? If so, great and I'm sure we will have a Ton of fun.

To start out we have a few kinds of survivors.

Human: Uninfected and has normal human abilties. Pros: Humans have more self control and intelligence then other creatures. They have the many different shapes and looks so there is not one look. Cons: Generally weaker with hand to hand combat and generally has morals

Demons: Uninfected by the virus but is anything but human. They would look like human other then the dark aura around then and their dark red eyes. Pros: Can use anything in the environment as their weapon with their pure brute strength. They are not the smartest in the world but can keep their minds above the zombies. Cons: Easy to identify, Not as intelligent as humans, speaking may be complicated, and with the lack of morals, they don't have teams.

Type E infected: With the infection mildly under control, they can have the look of humans and speaking is still easy. Pros: Stronger then HUMANS and can team up with other humans or Type Es. Cons: The hunger for flesh can over power them at times and is known as the dumbest of all survivors.

We are a stat free RPG and only use these to put in your posts.
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