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Post  Gaza on Sat Mar 17, 2012 10:47 am

"Welcome, Traveler." the older man said hiding behind his red bandana and tossed a few brief cases onto the splintering wooden table. With a few clicks the brief cases snapped open and there laied the best weapons that money could buy. "What will it be?" he said in a gruff voice holding a 9mm pistol in his right hand.

Weapons/Materials can be used in both missions and battles.


Dragunov sniper rifle: Russian weaponry at its finest.
Cost: 2500$
Details: 2 clips of 10 rounds per battle.
Damage: 200x Acc.

50 Cal. Desert eagle: This is not any pistol but it's a desert eagle and with one bullet could very well be fatal.
Cost: 500$
Details:two handed gun with 3 clips of 12 bullets
Damage: 150x your Acc.

9mm glock: Step down from the desert eagle? No, with this on your side you can live one day longer.
Cost: 200$
Details: one handed gun 4 clips of 8 bullets per battle.
Damage: 75x your Acc.


Spiked bat: Much stronger then a normal bat and can take out most things in your way.
Cost: 75$
Details: Two handed weapon. unlimited use in battle.
Damage: 75x your Pwr.

Medieval Halberd: Long poled axe. Very Heavy.
Cost: 300$
Details: Two-handed weapon. Unlimited use in battle.
Damage: 125x Pwr.


Grenade: Blows up everything in it's area and won't have mercy.
Cost: 80$
Details: Single use. Can buy as many as you like, but can only use one per battle
Damage: 40% of opponent health if hit, very avoidable.

Animal of your choice: Attacks Zombies and others without catching infections. 100$ unlimited use per battle.
Stats of your pet = half of your own. Limit one pet at a time.

You may only use these weapons once you do your weekly update and pruchase them.
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