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What its all about. Empty What its all about.

Post  Gaza on Sat Mar 17, 2012 5:31 pm

We here are a Stat free RPG and we love to write. I am the head admin and you may call me Alex. Whether you are new to RPGing or a veteran just looking a place to kill time, we are for you. You can either free RP (solo or with others) and gain cash.

The cash might be useless paper to you but to someone else, it could be as important as their life. The money system is simple and only uses basic math such as adding and subtracting.

Every week you are required to post in a section called "Money and Riches" and there you post the weapons you have and the amount of money you have and if you bought anything. You must post link(s) to your gains so an admin or mod may approve it. (Until it's approved, you have past money and items)


Missions are for fun and can bring you money or weapons.

They will be under a section called "Missions and quests" and these are missions do not effect your person directly. They are mainly used for fun and if you're bored. New missions come out every other week and any number of people can do any one mission. Post it under the specified
area that is told in the mission.

Right now, the site is still being created, so anyone here ATM is an early arrival. But that's good, we need the feedback.
Head admin/ Co-admin
Head admin/ Co-admin

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