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Post  Gaza on Mon Mar 19, 2012 9:30 pm

In Stay Calm the RPG there are 3 basic stats.

and Dexterity

These 3 stats will determine:
Power- affects your melee damage.
Accuracy- affects your ranged damage
and Health Points- Self explanatory, how much health you have

Power= Str/10 rounded up.... say you have 75 as a strength stat... your power would be 7.5, or rounded to 8.

Accuracy is the same way, but it is Dex/10 rounded up, i.e. 75 dex= 8 accuracy.

Health- Con times 10. 50 constitution means 500 HP (Health Points)

A simple system will allow people who want stats to enjoy the game, but at the same time, not get caught up in a bunch of math.

There is on final stat however called "Survival-ability". while this will not directly affect you in battle, its a way of ranking our survivors by fighting ability.

"Survival-ability" is your (Str + Dex + Con)/3 Meaning an average of your 3 base stats. this should give a pretty accurate estimate of how well two people would fare against each other. If it was based more on your Str... people with higher ranged dmg would seem weaker, and vice versa. So the only real way to scope players is to average their stats out to one stat.

Any questions can be appointed directly to me. I'll help as much as possible.
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