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Post  Gaza on Wed Mar 28, 2012 5:09 pm

Eric rolled out of bed in a hurry. He wasn't sire where he was headed yet, but he needed to move quick. He was awaken by groans from walkers outside. He quickly stretched out bit before grabbing his things and leaving.

He staggered over a wrecked car, it was scorched and unrecognizable besides the fact that it was a VW Beetle. He dropped off the back of the car and began sprinting again. He slowly began to recognize buildings: schools, stores, a church. He was back in his home town. Dennison, OH. He was torn with emotions. On one hand, he was home, on the other hand, there was a chance of seeing people he loved dead. Home was a place he hadn't been to in years, but that was the only good part of this homecoming. The town was totally trashed. He stepped over refuse and litter as he trekked. He was heading home, to his old house, where he lived until he was fourteen.

Much had changed. The once wooden fence had been replaced with one of steel, a chain linked fence. There were now railroad tracks leading through the alley where he used to play as a child. The tracks were covered in fallen trees, wrecked cars, and other debris. There was some sort of scaffolding on the side of the tracks, as if they were building something. He'd check that out later. He opened the gate and cautiously approached the door. He peered into a window near the front door, and the hows was empty other than random junk scattered on the floor.

He stepped up onto the porch and shuffled along to the front door. He placed on hand on the knob and slowly tried to twist it. "Unlocked! Good." He muttered. Eric slid the door open slowly. Still no walkers in sight, and there wasn't any noise. Good sign, he hoped. He stepped fully into the house and closed the door behind him. There he stood in the dining room of his childhood. Now what was left, a dusty table, broken TV, and holes in the carpet. He stepped towards the kitchen with great care. The cabinets were surprisingly still hanging on the walls, along with nick-knacks on shelves. He stepped over to a larger cabinet their family had used as a pantry, and checked to top half. "Empty, damn!" he complained as he let the door close. He took two steps away from the cabinet with his back turned when someone burst out towards him. He caught Eric off guard and had him by the neck and a long machete to his jugular.

"Who are you?" Eric heard a very gruff but young voice say from behind him.

"E-Eric... Eric Graves! I used to live here!" Eric shouted as clearly and coherently as he could. The stranger spun him around and the second he caught glimpse of Eric's face, he dropped to his knees in tears.

"I can't believe it! It's really you!" the Stranger said as tears filled his eyes.

"I'm sorry but,... well, who are you?" Eric said, shocked that this person knew him.

"It's me! Alan! Remember?" the stranger said with tears still in his eyes.

"Of course!" Eric shouted, quite elated to see his childhood friend. Eli moved to Baltimore when they were twelve. Eric stayed with his family at the house for two more years, in which time he had lost contact with Alan.

"I came back to town as soon as i could, you know, after the outbreak," Alan said reflectively. " I came her to find you or anyone else i knew really. But you weren't here, which was good and bad news. Cuz i figured if you weren't here, means you could of been alive somewhere else. But i knew you would comeback! I just knew it man!"

"Actually, i stumbled into town by accident. But when i realized where i was, figured I'd come here. I ran here from Alabama. I was just heading north, kinda hoping that the cold would kill em, or at least slow 'em down more."

"Yeah, I get it. I'm not sure. I've spent most of my time in Maryland underground, in the sewers you know. Just ended up here about a week ago. Haven't been out in the winter other than once, and didn't see any walkers, well no live ones that is." Alan explained.

"Man, so you don't know either? That sucks, but i guess we'll find out for ourselves." Eric said, only slightly discouraged.

"Staying here?" Alan said questioningly.

"Yeah, seems pretty safe by the looks of it. I haven't seen a walker that could climb, so their isn't any way they are getting through on the tracks, and the hill is steep," Eric stated as the two walked into the dining room. "Besides, this is my home." He said slamming into a chair and kicking his feet up on the table.

"I guess your right," Alan said taking a seat himself. "Hell, you've always been the smart type, thinking shit through like that."

"Looks like your pretty smart yourself!" Eric grinned, patting Alan on the shoulder. "It isn't easy for anyone, staying alive that is."

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