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Post  Gaza on Fri Mar 16, 2012 7:03 pm

This applys to all survivors out there.

Character name:


Type of survivor: (Type E, Human, Demon)

Character age:

Physical appearance:

Photo: (if you have one)

Stats or Pure RP:

Characters starting weapon:
1. Pistols (40. Caliber and down)
2. Shotgun (Bird shot only: Weaker, less spread, and used commonly for game)
3. Blades (Swords, daggers, and pocket knifes. No light saber)
4. Blunts and other (Baseball bat, pipe, hockey stick, spiked knuckles, any other sport blunt and whips)
5. Snipers [Bolt action only]
6. Heavy Machine guns are not allowed
7. Rifle [Bolt action]
8. Sub machine [No other kind of machine guns]

A little about you:

Any background:

Sexuality: (Straight, gay, bi, loner)

Sample RP (300 WC):
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Head admin/ Co-admin

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