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Post  Micheal Myers on Sun Mar 18, 2012 3:34 pm

Character name:Michael A. Myers


Type of survivor: Human

Character age:36 years of age

Physical appearance:Micheal Myers wears a mask to hide his Identity, he wears a blue jump suit that he stole from a man at a truck stop after killing him.He's muscular,about 7 foot 5 inches
wears no armor


Stats or Pure RP:Stats

Characters starting weapon: Bucher Knife

A little about you:Nothing much but bull shit

Any background:Murderer of Haddonfield Illinoise,Killed 36 people all in every movie.(I mean 36 people all together)

Sexuality: Straight

Sample RP (300 WC): Micheal Myers was in Middle school when this whole Zombie thing happed,he had just gone to the mental hostpital(Alternative from the movie)He was kept there for 5 years.He was the last one forced to stay there...Till one day during TV time he saw something on the news."Tonight I can report that the V2 Virus has spreaded all over the country making many citizens into flesh eating monsters,they are being quarentined until further notice. The news reporter said as a picture showed up on the screen.

The quarentine bubble showed bloody hand stains all over.But the problem was not solved,goverment went and hid they did nothing but quarentined them,but the Zombies in that bubble seeing all those humans with flesh agrivated the Zombies.They hit as hard as they could pounding on the bubble, untill it burst,letting Zombies rummage the towns.Michael escaped and made it back to haddenfield where from under the floor boards of the basement Michael put on his mask and grasped his knife.He walked up the stairs out the door and what did he see aproaching him?Of course it was a zombie,Michael took his knife and decapitated the Zombies head.Michael looked straight as he dropped the zombies head, a horde of 13 Zombies ran straight for him.Micheal took a few steps back into the house shutting the door.Looks like I'm taking the back wayMicheal said in his head to himself.

Michael went down the stairs to the basement, going through the pipe at the end of his basement.He was going to get to the Safe Zone on the other side of Illinoise and kill his Sisters Daughter,Jamie Lloyd.He crawled through the pipe for 156 miles of pure pitch black darkness.Would He be able to get in? Part 1
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Micheal Myers
Micheal Myers

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Post  Gaza on Sun Mar 18, 2012 5:03 pm

My stamp of approval is on my other computer, but you're accepted!
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